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Close-up on character. Environment, character and motorcycle textured with Substance Designer 2.5. All of this substances assigned to custom cgfx shaders inside of Maya. VP2.0 screenshot with SSAO, depth map shadows and Dof. Maya 2013.

Researches done with Substance animated noises used as a density emission map. Maya fluids, rendered with mentalRay.
Video :

Another density emission map test. This time, the substance noise is also projected on both Y and Z axis as a buoyancy. Another animated Substance is used to emit fuel and color. Environment rendered in real-time with VP2.0, textured with Substance textures. Fluids rendered in three pass: Color, Incandescence ans Shadows with mentalRay, compositing and MB done in Nuke.

Two fluids containers. The explosion uses five emitters driven by nParticles, the ground blast was emitted from a plane with a substance texture animated by a circular shape.
Enthronement rendered in VP2.0, fluids in five passes with mentalRay: Diffuse, Fire, Smoke, Shadows and SSS. Compositing, color grading, camera shake and motion blur done in Nuke.

I developed the Substance Bonus Tools for Maya, all written in MEL.
Very well received by the Maya community, Bonus Tools is one of the most downloaded item on our website. The tool allows one to render substance texture with mentalRay, cgFx shaders and add some specific attributes to the substance node in order to plug it to any kind of DAG such as particles network.
In this example, I used an animated sky texture and used it as an IBL with mrfm.

Here is a sneak preview of what will eventually be part of the next version of SBT, I am currently working on a fracture script based on UV projection and substance pre-defined outputs in order to create shatters.

R&D, shaders, scripting, dynamic simulations.
Personnal/ Allegorithmic / Autodesk.

Here is some of the work and researches I usually do during my spare time in order to learn new thing and keep me up to date with the latests CG techniques.