Allegorithmic – 2007-2011.

Architectural scene done in Maya. I showcased this demo at GDC12 in order to demonstrate the power of Substance filters. The "MakeItAParquet" filter was used in order to create a parquet floor effect based on a simple wood essence map. A quick video demo can be found here:

This is the latest version of our beloved demo called "Windmill". I was in charge of optimizing the scene geometry and texture. The demo was originally running on a Hi-end PC in Unreal Engine 3. We had to create a dynamic environment were users could switch from a spring to a snowy environment or between realistic to cartoon textures.
The demo is running on nVidia Tegra 3 based devices, availaible on Google play:

A pretty big scene that I set up for GDC11 where we unveiled Substance in Autodesk Maya, 3dsmax and Unity. This scene was intended to demonstrate the creative possibilities of hybrid textures from shading to dynamics.
Substance for Maya official webpage:

This is an in-game screenshot from Parabellum with our environment textures: Concrete floor, brick walls, metal, etc...
My second big project at Allegorithmic.

This is my first game project at Allegorithmic: Kart n' Crazy. This is a free-to-play racing game developed by the Korean developer Windysoft studio.
I was in charge of environment, and character textures.

Here are some of the textures that I created in MapZone, Allegorithmic's first procedural texturing tool.

GOA / Acony Games / nVidia / Autodesk.

Q&A, asset production and development on various projects done at Allegorithmic for various clients.